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When we use Matteo bedding for our kids, it is a good way of show them how much we love and care them. Using bedding also reveals them that we are concerned about their comfort in sleeping. Apart from Mattteo bedding and other apparel for grownups, this also manufactures delicate and cute products for toddlers and babies. The dresses of toddlers are considered to be a treasure with the delicate matteo fabrics and can be handed over to one child’s siblings. These clothes can also be handed to the next generation as the fabrics and designs of these clothes are perfect and timeless.

Matteo bedding

The luxurious Matteo Bedding fabrics are made in Italy. Other than the bedding styles for adults, the toddler bedding lines have several designs for the parents to choose from them. There are various styles which include Cotton, tick tack Stella, hoba, linen tat and linen vintage. The baby lines also consist of items like comforters, apparels and bedding. The style of Hammock consists of bumper and a comforter. This style can be used along with a Cotton combed style. The Hammock styles are available in white, black, and cola. The style of Hammock makes you a feeling as if you are racing round the trees.

Matteo Bedding1

Cluny Lines of baby bedding

In the lines of Cluny, this Matteo provides the babies with pillows, comforters, bumpers and cushions along with the bedding for babies. Colors include white, pink, yellow, off white, blue, coal color, green and black. All the items present in this style are bordered along with crochet stitch trims .This makes the baby’s crib to have a long lasting look. The pillows of babies are provided with feather type pillow insertion.

Matteo in combed cotton material

The style of combed cotton looks simple in their designs than the style of Cluny, it also saves the amount of ribbons tied around the edges of crib. Because of the neutral and light shades it suits perfect for baby boys and baby girls. The Combed Cotton can be characterized by the count of 250 threads, styling and simple construction. The shades of the cribs are black, brown and coal.

Home care for Matteo bedding

When you do proper laundering and washing the Matteo bedding linens it becomes soft, smooth effect and they looks beautiful for many generations when it is cared properly. The Metteo linens can be machine washed or dry washed, but it is highly recommend for laundering in home by lukewarm water or dryer with cool setting. The heat should not be more because it may cause shrinkage of the material. When more bleaching agents are used the high tone of colours may get diminish so it is recommended to use low ph balanced bleaching agents. The linen materials are known for its strength and shining so when you do laundering regularly it makes the fabric to give lustrous look. You can make yourself and your baby to sleep, dream and play with our luxurious matteo bedding and apparels


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